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Plastic flood in Hamburg? Not with Hannah, Lena and Marie! The three sisters are the founders of the oclean initiative and ensure a waste-free life on the Elbe. Anyone who wants to can make their personal contribution to a clean environment in a playful way. In groups of up to 100 participants, the three stage monthly meetings at various hotspots in Hamburg such as Elbstrand, Schanzenpark, Veddel, St. Pauli or Barmbek. Armed with gloves, rubbish tongs and rubbish bags, the participants set out to fight the rubbish in Hamburg’s streets – everyone is welcome without registration. After the so-called clean-ups, the group also likes to get together for a drink or two. After all, the campaign is not only about supporting the cleaning service of the city, but also about standing up for Hamburg’s environment together as a community and having fun at the same time.

“We know that we won’t necessarily get the city cleaner in the long run through our actions, but we still think that something happens in people’s minds when they collect the rubbish from the streets. Awareness is raised and people start to think about their own behaviour,” says Marie Pippert, one of the three founders of oclean.

In addition to their clean-ups, oclean also organises workshops to raise awareness of the litter problem as well as sustainable events like a Christmas market or a clothes swap party. With a focus on a sustainable future, oclean also educates through project days for even more awareness at schools, universities and in companies. “We have a lot of plans for the future and see oclean as a kind of platform for people who want to inform themselves, get involved and exchange ideas. It is nice that the topic is becoming more and more popular and that many people are joining us,” says Marie. Overall, it is important to the sisters to make the topic more accessible within society and to show alternatives for a more sustainable lifestyle.

Our tip: For more information, news and clean-up dates, check out the website, Instagram and Facebook channels. Feel free to drop by and help keep Hamburg’s streets, parks and waters clean. With this in mind: Happy cleaning!

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Image source: oclean

Next Clean-Up: oclean x Impact Hub Altona
When? 31 May 2022 from 5-7pm
Where? Impact Hub Schomburgstraße 50, 22767 Hamburg