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You love jogging? Running for miles helps you to clear your head, but you don’t know the right places for that in your new hometown? We’ve summarized the most beautiful running routes of the Hanseatic city! In the forest, along the Elbe River or across the city: every runner will find the perfect route with the right length. Spectacular views and toned calves guaranteed!

A run along the Alster? That’s a real classic among Hamburg’s running routes. Many joggers appreciate this route of approximately seven kilometers for its unique view on the heart of Hamburg: the Alster. There’s much to see and to observe and this circular route is like a catwalk for real pros. (Pssst! In case you’re out of puff, this route is also great for a walk). Absolute plus: the water stations along the route will help you to stay hydrated.

If you go for a run along the Isebekkanal, you will discover lots of green areas, boats floating on the water and many sun-worshippers enjoying the (hopefully good) weather in Hamburg. There’s always something going on here and plenty of space. And it’s in the heart of the city! At the Isebekkanal, you’ll find an approximately three-kilometers-long route as well as smooth gravel and asphalt paths. Since the route isn’t that long, it is perfectly suitable for beginners who want to get into shape slowly.

Niendorfer Gehege
Pure nature! There are lots of green areas and a wonderfully quiet atmosphere at the Niendorfer Gehege. Every now and then (especially in the early morning hours) it may well be that a roe deer appears right in front of you. The route leads through the forest, past the Kollaubach and to the allotments. This is exactly the right place for those who like to run on their own, in a peaceful atmosphere. The routes have lengths between two and five kilometers and are suitable both for beginners and for real pros.

The best running routes in Hamburg – Marathon-ready? 1
Image source: Gustavo Fring

Planten un Bloomen
At the urban park Planten un Bloomen, jogging is like an adventure trip. The route goes up and down and rarely straight ahead for 200 meters. There’s so much to discover in this park. Coming from Stephansplatz, you can run past Tropenhaus to get to the Japanischer Garten (Japanese Garden). You can run along the Congress Center towards the radio telecommunication tower Telemichel and circle the Parksee (park lake). Continue past the trade-fair premise and the playground to reach the stream and Sievekingsplatz. If you’re up for a real challenge, you can jog up the hill and back.

Just like the route along the Außenalster (Outer Alster), Stadtpark is a classic among the running routes – and the green heart of Hamburg. The largest green area of the city is situated between the quarters Winterhude, Alsterdorf and Barmbek. As the possible variations of the routes are inexhaustible, Stadtpark is a real runner’s paradise. A run once around Stadtpark corresponds to a route of approximately six kilometers. Possible starting points are in front of “Landhaus Walter” or at the underground station “Saarlandstraße”. But since you can enter the park from all sides, there are plenty of possible meeting points.