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The life circumstances of employees are becoming more and more individual and there’s an increasing demand for flexible solutions. Living in different places to reconcile work, education and family has been a popular concept for a long time now. But a secondary residence not only offers the advantage of higher mobility but can also be worthwhile for financial reasons – because up to 1,000 euro per month of the accommodation costs can be deducted from taxes! So, if you want to know why a secondary residence can be a good idea, you’re in the right place.

Calling the most beautiful big cities your home

According to the German tenancy law, the principal residence is where people establish their centre of interests and spend more than half of a year. But interests may change, shift and be broadened. Those who want to expand their centre of life can officially register a secondary residence at one of the apartments of our QUARTIER 040 (a secondary residence is subject to registration in Germany).

In everyday life, we are often forced to choose between two or more things: pizza or pasta? Holiday by the sea or in the mountains? Long hair or haircut? That’s why it is even nicer if you don’t have to choose when it comes to some of the important questions in life. Establishing a second household means that you do not have to choose between two residences. It feels pretty cosmopolitan when you can call many places your home!

Stay flexible and save taxes: Advantages of a secondary residence 1
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What are the advantages?

The monthly tax relief of up to 1,000 euro can be claimed if the registered secondary residence is used for professional purposes. If you’re managing two households, you can claim the costs as income-related expenses in your tax declaration. Besides the rent you can also deduct expenses for a parking space, relocation costs, travel expenses for trips home, costs for furniture, insurance and the second home tax. Getting the costs for a second home back almost completely through a tax refund? Sounds almost too good to be true…

And yet: even if it can be quite stressful to fight your way through the bureaucratic jungle and gather all documents needed by the tax office, it is worth it in many cases. And if you choose one of our HAVENS LIVING apartments, it becomes even easier to benefit from the advantages of a second home. All you need is your suitcase – your fully furnished, fully equipped apartment is already waiting for you. This way, you also save the time and the costs for finding an apartment and buying all the things you need before you can actually move in. So why don’t you already think about your next hometown? Maybe we will meet soon in our HAVENS LIVING in Frankfurt or Berlin? With the prospect of the handsome tax refund, you can already start chilling drinks. Cheers!