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Getting around in Hamburg

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Knowing your way around a bustling city like Hamburg can be confusing at first but whether you prefer public or private transportation, the hanseatic city has different options to offer in store: Grab your morning coffee and enjoy a scenic ferry-ride across HafenCity on your way to work and learn how to maintain daily travelling across Hamburg stress-free.

Our HAVENS LIVING team has looked into different transportation options for you to help you find your way and get around the city easily when arriving to your new home at QUARTIER 040.

Image Source: Julia Solonina on Unsplash, Sunrise in Hamburg

Public Transport in and around Hamburg

Getting across the city easily with Hamburg’s extensive public transport service: The HVV

Image Source: Tobias on Unsplash, Elbbrücke

Including suburban trains, subways, buses and harbor ferries the HVV connects the city to the greater region around. Get the HVV App to find timetable information, plan your routes and purchase tickets.

The HVV network ensures great connection of Hamburg’s different districts and the regions around with buses and trains running every 5-10 minutes during the day and on weekend nights. To ensure that you will get home safely at night it is possible to get on and off a bus between stops after 7pm and on public holidays on many bus routes across Hamburg!

Hamburg’s harbor ferries complete its transportation network: their use is included in HVV tickets and add the extra flair to your way across the city. Also: bikes can be taken on ferries free of charge!

Image Source: Sid Saxena on Unsplash, Old Elbe Tunnel

StadtRAD: City Bike

What is better than escaping traffic jams on two wheels?

Hamburg offers a public bike system called StadtRAD where bike lovers can rent a bicycle from stations all around the city when registered with StadtRAD.

Protect the environment and hop on one of the bright red city bicycles and enjoy 30 minutes free of charge in the cycle-friendly city! After 30 minutes a normal bike will cost 0,08€ per minute and a maximum of 12€ a day. Bookings and registration can be made with the StadtRAD App.

Pro-Tip: To get a day of completely free rides simply check your bike in one of the stations every 30 minutes to get a new free rental start. When expecting visitors or feeling like sightseeing the city, probably one of the best – and cheapest – attractions to explore in Hamburg is cycling the old Elbe tunnel with one of the city bikes.

Explore Hamburg’s convenient cycling paths that will help cyclists move across the city on a daily basis comfortably and fast. The 14 Veloroutes avoid running directly on main roads and connect different regions with a total span of 280km. The routes are designed to ensure cyclists to save time, money and stress while travelling and also to improve their health a little bit on the way! A complete map of the Veloroutes can be found here.

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Image Source: Lennart Schneider on Unsplash, Fernsehturm in Hamburg

Sharing is Caring

Car sharing options: always have your ride around the corner!

For many, the most comfortable and flexible way to get through the city is car sharing. Alike many other big cities Hamburg offers car sharing services like ShareNow or SixtShare. After a registration with one of the services cars can be rented anywhere around the city at any time! The different services find your nearest vehicle via smartphone APP where you can choose between a variety of different car models and brands. After your ride you can park the vehicle in any public parking space free of charge unless it is a restricted area (areas may vary with service).

Scoot the city

Kick off with an electric scooter!

Probably the latest addition to modern transport solutions is renting an electric kick scooter to cruise along bike lanes and Veloroutes in the city center. There are different providers offering rentals with a starting cost of 1€ and additionally between 0,15-0,20€ per minute. The currently 4 different services (VOI, TIER, LIME and Circ) work with an app like other vehicle sharing distributors. Like for car sharing kick scooter services have restricted parking areas in which scooters may not be returned.

The more classic way to scoot around the city emission free is renting an e-scooter. The Berlin based company Emmy offers e-scooter rentals with a similar process to car sharing distributors. Helmets for 2 are provided in the trunk of the scooters for safety.

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So, no matter where you want to go or whichever mode of transportation you prefer, in Hamburg it is possible to find a flexible solution that suits your needs. Above you will find a chart of convenient spots around Hamburg and their connectivity to QUARTIER 040.

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